About PicSoup

I've been working on PicSoup (a GWT Google App Engine application) for a few months now (on and off) and as it turns out it's quite a good show case for a lot of the App Engine Services:
  • Datastore - using Objectify instead of cumbersome JDO or JPA
  • Memcache - explicit use and Objectify annotation driven
  • Mail - both incoming picture submission and outgoing notifications
  • Images - resize the incoming pics before storing them
  • Google Accounts - for authentication, user management and admin access
  • Task Queues - used to offload competition state change processing and email notifications
  • Blobstore - uploaded images are temporarily stored here before resizing
  • Scheduled tasks - cron triggers change the competition state on a weekly basis
  • Administration Console Custom Pages - GWT admin controls
  • Appstats - used to improve performance

As well as the main front-end PicSoup has an automatically detected mobile front-end so it looks good on your Android or iPhone device. It also has a Google Gadget - see top right of this blog!
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