Raspberry Pi playing video on 2.2" LCD.

I used the software and followed the guide here: https://github.com/notro/fbtft - Then I resized and rotated a video from my blog to fit the display.

The original video was 1920x1080 and this screen is 176x220 so I rotated it anti-clockwise and resized it to 220x124 to keep the aspect ratio the same but make best use of the screen. The "transpose=2" does the anti-clockwise rotation.

# First install ffmpeg if you haven't already
sudo apt-get -y install ffmpeg

# Now convert ("experimental" was flagged as required for this h264 movie - try without first)
avconv -i Jeremy.mp4 -s 220:124 -vf transpose=2 -strict experimental j.mp4

Then to play it, make sure to pick the correct framebuffer device - mine is /dev/fb1:
mplayer -vo fbdev2:/dev/fb1 j.mp4


Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for this. What screen are you using?

Unknown said...

It's the Adafruit 2.2" TFT LCD

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