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Raspberry Pi Pygame UI basics - this tutorial guides you through using pygame to create user interfaces for the PiTFT from Adafruit. It shows how to interact with GPIOs and I2C finishing up with a nice progress bar style widget for an analog input.

Raspberry Pi parking camera with distance sensor - a parking camera with distance sensor. The feed from the webcam is shown on the LCD with a distance read-out underneath. As you get closer to the object (my hand in the videos) a circle is overlaid on the video which gets larger as you move closer. Once you get to within 30cm of the object the word "STOP" is overlaid and everything turns red. This post was featured on HackADay, LifeHacker and many other blogs.

Raspberry Pi playing video on 2.2" LCD - The outcome of following a great guide to enable an Adafruit 2.2" LCD as a framebuffer device over SPI.

Raspberry Pi system monitor embedded on your own site - a demonstration of the embedding feature of ControlMyPi which allows you to place your control panel on your own site. This is a simple system monitor showing free ram, load average, core temperature etc.

Raspberry Pi midi driven solenoid bell - Uses a cheap USB/midi cable connected between a Roland TD9 v-drum kit and a Raspberry Pi. The Midi is decoded so whenever the snare drum is hit a GPIO fires to ring the bell using a solenoid. A little bit of fun.

Live Web Bicycle Dashboard using ControlMyPi - A Raspberry Pi using 3G to send GPS and accelerometer data up to ControlMyPi. Users can log in to ControlMyPi and watch the Live data displayed on the dashboard. A second follow up article walks through the Python code: Live Web Bicycle Dashboard - the code.

Control My Pi - Easy web remote control for your Raspberry Pi projects - In just a few lines of Python code you can create a control panel for your project accessible over the Internet. No firewall changes to make, no web servers to set up. Pick up your Raspberry Pi, take it to a friends house or work, school, a club, a coffee shop - connect it to 3G and carry it around or put it in your car - it doesn't matter where it is or what network you're on you'll be able to access your control panel on Control My Pi.

Raspberry Pi solenoid alarm bell - Controlling components on a separate power supply from the Raspberry Pi. This project uses a PIR sensor, an IR range sensor, a solenoid, a reception bell and some bright LEDs to form a proximity alarm system.

Raspberry Pi distance measuring sensor with LCD output - Measure distances from the Sharp GP2Y0A02YK0F sensor using an MCP3008 ADC and hardware SPI. The distance is displayed on the TextStar serial LCD with a bar graph.

Raspberry Pi hardware SPI analog inputs using the MCP3008 - a hardware SPI remake of the bit-banged Adafruit project: "Analog Inputs for Raspberry Pi Using the MCP3008".

Raspberry Pi with TextStar serial LCD display - the perfect companion for the Raspberry Pi. 16x2 and 4 buttons for input, runs right off the 3.3v TTL pins.

Raspberry Pi 7 segment displays - Learn about BCD and simple ICs by driving two seven segment displays from 6 gpio pins.
This project was blogged on the Raspberry Pi web site! Controlling a 7-segment display from half a world away
The results after a few weeks and about 15000 entries: 7 segment display webcam stats

Raspberry Pi GPIO and Motion - take a snapshot from a button push and indicate detected motion and other events on LEDs. Introduces the Python code service to make it easy to flash, switch on/off and single pulse LEDs from the command line and to hook shell commands to button pushes.

Motion Google Drive Uploader and Emailer - Python code to use with Motion to upload your video captures to Google Drive and send you an email.

Battery powered, Wireless, Motion detecting Raspberry Pi - capturing wildlife in the garden for about 12 hours on a single charge.

Raspberry Pi Webcam - streaming video to the Internet from a Sony Playstation Eye Camera (PS3) using ffserver and ffmpeg.

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